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Critically examine the media regulation in Russia Assignment

Basically look at the media guideline in Russia - Assignment Example Russian print media was confronted with extraordinary unpredictability during the initial fifteen years of Russian freedom. Proprietors of the print media had to pull back from their possession to the legislature. They confronted gigantic animosity by the Russian government and other political bodies for obscure explanation. As indicated by estimation by National Association of TV and Broadcasters, there is an expected measure of 2168 TV in Russia alongside other radio organizations (Compulenta, 2009). Then again, 161 have a TV and radio permit with 799 TV organizations and roughly there are 888 radio broadcasts. Correspondingly, the quantity of link administrators running in the nation is evaluated to be 1,511 across the nation (Compulenta, 2009). Media Regulations: Russian media is controlled through exacting guidelines and control. Russian media hates a free state in running its tasks. Russian media is run under three significant laws: the law authorized on broad communications du ring 1991, the law forced on correspondence during 2003 and the law on Information Technologies as for Protection of Information and Information in 2006. The Law on Mass Media is the main law which has been refreshed and changed continually. It was last refreshed in 2009 (Compulenta, 2009). There are some other government laws too which are forced on other media exercises. These laws have characterized that how might media venture the state government and the ideological groups across the nation. Russian media is a controlled media with restricted opportunity given to them. Notwithstanding, simultaneously, Russian media is precluded to extend whatever portrays psychological warfare, viciousness or bareness regardless. Media is given confined cutoff points to cover any enemy of fear monger tasks, if happen. Responsibility Systems: During the year 1994, the Congress of Russian Journalist laid out and endorsed a particular Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics characterized similar laws a nd suggestions which were embraced by the press media all around the globe. It was been contended that the Code of Ethics are least drilled or regarded by the Journalists. It is only the custom that they have satisfied by laying out a law. Likewise, these laws express the ethical obligations and obligations of a writer in an exhaustive way. It has additionally been seen that state-possessed or exclusive media and print outlets are some way or another affected and, they are committed to respond in due order regarding their projections either to any government body or to any neighborhood authority. Russian Media: An Analysis: Russian media is under consistent change. Various guidelines on Information have been forced. All the more as of late, the present administration of Putin has strengthened new inconveniences on Information and Communication by similarly fixing the Internet and different news organizations (Source: http://www.rferl.org/content/article/1075556.html). It has been se en that web is the main media which is liberated from any guideline and somewhat; we can consider it a â€Å"free-media†. The ability to speak freely and articulation has picked up fame in the Russian masses. In spite of the worries raised by the Putin and his administration, specialists have embroiled no limitations against this type of media. In any case, Putin has raised worries that specialists should keep a standard beware of the data being shown on the web. We can't subvert the control as kept up by the administration on the advanced and print media. It is accepted by the specialists that if nation

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Competitive Advantage and Objectives Analysis Essay Example for Free

Upper hand and Objectives Analysis Essay Upper hand and destinations investigation go connected at the hip in deciding how advertisers will decide item situating. The fundamental objective of an advertiser is to make the picture of the organization or the item brand. At that point the activity becomes setting up or situating a similar picture or brand into the objective market. Situating is placing the idea into the brains of the planned customer. It is significant for an advertiser to comprehend the various kinds of investigation and skill to think about the qualities and shortcomings of each sort of examination. In the accompanying paper an examination of this investigation will be presented and clarified. Various Types of Analysis Used Item Positioning Item situating examination is a significant advance in the showcasing plan. Item situating is when advertisers structure and picture and worth with the goal that buyers in the objective market see how the item is essential to them. The objective of advertisers is to build up the picture so it offers to customers and assembles the upper hand. Item situating resembles the strategic factor or examination that is a piece of the general showcasing system. It is significant when building up the situating procedure that each piece of the blend is consolidated including value, how the item will be appropriated, what kind of publicizing will be utilized, and most significant how well will after sell client assistance be produced. Level Two Heading Supplant the level two heading with the words for your heading. The heading must be in intense textual style. Peruse progressively about APA headings on the APA Style Blog. End The end passage is intended to carry the peruser in your mind on the off chance that you are composing a powerful paper, to get connections on the off chance that you are composing a correlation/differentiate exposition, or essentially to esteem the data you give in an enlightening article. The end passage sums up the key focuses from the supporting sections without presenting any new data. References This is a hanging indent. To keep the hanging indent position, triple snap your mouse on this line of content and supplant the data with your reference passage. You can utilize the Reference and Citation Examples (Center for Writing ExcellenceTutorials and GuidesReference and Citation Examples) to help design your source data into a reference section. The reference page consistently starts on the highest point of the following page after the end.

Henry Clerval Essay

These activities propose that human instinct can change as somebody can be pleasant towards a certain something and afterward they can be appalled with that equivalent thing at an alternate time. Victor gets cordial with Henry Clerval in the time that they are in Ingolstadt. Henry medical attendants Victor back to wellbeing when he is sick. They came to be in a similar school since Henry convinced his dad to let him come to Ingolstadt, however he said that it was difficult to convince as Henry’s father imagined that all the aptitudes that you need in your life are utilized and picked up when you are a clerk. Ironicly Henry considers information to be something to be thankful for yet Victor utilizes logical information and transforms it into a disaster, Frankenstein ought to of followed in ‘s strides as Victor’s creation ended up killing Henry. The way that Victor treated his family, is totally extraordinary to the way that Henry treated Victor. Victor dumped the entirety of his family life behind him, and just addressed them through short sharp letters, yet Henry thought about Victor and even invested valuable energy taking care of Victor when he was truly sick, Henry additionally requires his life to be postponed just to improve him. I imagine that the perusers of the novel will be embarrassed about Victor for surrendering his family and his creation, yet additionally for letting Henry put his life on pause just to improve him. This is an egotistical demonstration, and Victor ought to be progressively thankful towards Henry and his family. Henry is an exceptionally mindful man and possesses a great deal of energy for individuals, particularly Victor who just underestimates his abilities. Henry’s graciousness is appeared all through, instances of this benevolence are; ‘I didn't before comment how exceptionally sick you show up; so slender and pale, you look as though you have been looking for a long time. ‘, and ‘I won't notice it, on the off chance that it upsets you. ‘ These shows that Henry thinks about Victor and that he doesn’t need to disturb Victor. This mindful way stands out from that of Victor’s when he dismisses the beast due to its looks. Victor’s narrow minded side is appeared all through the novel, a couple of models are; ‘I had denied myself of rest and wellbeing. I had wanted it with and enthusiasm that far surpassed control, yet since I have completed, the magnificence of the fantasy disappeared, and short of breath repulsiveness and sicken filled my heart’, ‘infinite pains’, and ‘I felt the sharpness of disillusionment. ‘ These show that again Victor’s narrow minded. He doesn’t care about anybody however himself. Victor additionally utilizes the individual pronoun, ‘I’, this expresses everything is about him, so this is likewise a narrow minded activity. Victor stays quiet about his creation, he wouldn't like to tell anybody as he isn't yet certain about the result of the animal, yet after the introduction of the creation, he is embarrassed about it, he accepts that it is a result of damnation and that the beast is out of hand and just chooses to hush up about it and lie to others. This impacts the readers’ mentality towards Victor in the remainder of the novel in light of the fact that the perusers may now accept that he can not come clean and that the portrayal of the story might be one-sided. This identifies with the topic of mystery in the remainder of the novel, for instance; when he makes an ally for the beast, and furthermore not telling anybody that he comprehended what murdered somebody of his loved ones. Mary Shelley proposes that loads of individuals do keep mysteries and would prefer not to tell anybody. We keep privileged insights since it will destroy something exceptional, the individual is embarrassed or humiliated of it, the individual can not trust in anybody, or they simply would prefer not to tell anybody, as it might get somebody in a tough situation. Individuals do keep insider facts and generally lie, it might be little lies or it might be a genuine falsehood. Individuals lie to procrastinate on the issue for as long as possible until they break, they do this since they think it is a simple choice, however over the long haul, it is the hardest choice as it hauls a great deal out of your confidence. The consummation of the section is a complexity of the remainder of the part, particularly the start, the climate and the air made. In the asking of the section the climate is dull, and desolate. This is appeared all through the initial passage. The expressions ‘the downpour pattered grimly against the pains,’ and ‘dreary’ recommend that the climate thinks about the dim environment made by the close to birth of the animal, it likewise proposes that something may happen may happen later on in the section. In the consummation passage, the air made is totally unique. The portrayals show that there is change as it is presently light. This is a pleasurable sight for Victor as the climate was so uninviting before on in the section. The expression ‘young buds were shooting forward from trees that concealed my window. It was a celestial spring,’ shows that the murkiness has died down to clear a path for the light. Likewise, there was a fresh start for the characteristic procedures, developing of buds and so forth. There was a non counterfeit state of mind noticeable all around as everything that was going on was totally regular, so this is an extraordinary differentiation to everything that was going on in the principal section of the part. The word ‘divine’ is associated with paradise, so everything is proceeding onward from Victor’s deed. It is additionally to do with God, so it is a complexity between the idea of damnation prior on in the section. In the accompanying part individuals may feel that Victor attempts to acknowledge the beast and isn't so egotistical towards it and furthermore the remainder of his family, in light of the fact that the section closes with alleviation for Victor. The peruser, toward the finish of the section, might be pondering where the beast has gone and what the beast is truly doing. It might be that they think he has gone to submit another fatal homicide. To close, this part is extremely essential. In it, there is continually something going on. The section causes you to perceive how Victor truly is and how he treats individuals in the midst of battle. At the point when, the beast is made, we get the feeling that Victor was energized, yet then he was embarrassed about the result. Moreover, when the beast vanishes he felt mitigated despite the fact that it could in any case return. When the beast vanished, it resembled Victor began an entirely different life, this indicated he was not so much made a fuss over what might occur if the beast was let extricate the world. From this part, we find that when Victor gets immersed in something, he disregards the entire world around him and forsakes individuals, similar to his family. Victor is inclined to forsaking things and individuals in this part. For instance; he surrenders the beast due to the manner in which it looks, and offends its, causing it to submit kills on individuals near Victor to recover its own. We find that Victor is at fault for the activities of the beast, and that Victor is childish. This is demonstrated when he utilizes the individual pronoun ‘I’, which shows that he is totally mindful of himself and that he couldn't care less much for others. The mystery in the novel is consistent. Victor is continually keeping privileged insights from his friends and family, regardless of whether huge or little. The logical thoughts that Victor has are additionally significant, as they unite the entire story, as he most likely is aware man can make existence with the right hypotheses and gear. The speculations that Victor has are conflicting with God as it is an un-regular procedure, and that the creation will be everlastingly reprimanded whether it is attractive or terrible. It likewise summarizes how we treat each other in the public arena today. I wear not feel a similar path as Victor did towards his creation. I think the real beasts are Victor Frankenstein and M. Waldman these individuals both attempted to make the animal, yet Victor got further. The two of them made an accursed animal. I think some about the worries in the novel are pertinent today in light of the fact that relatively few individuals forsake things like youngsters and pets, yet the fortunate ones get took care of. Individuals likewise get mishandled due to the manner in which they look, I imagine this isn't right and ought to be stopped.â By Samantha Loader Page 1 Show see just The above see is unformatted content This understudy composed bit of work is one of numerous that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley area.

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Inspired free essay sample

Time Magazine’s rundown of the world’s most persuasive individuals is loaded up with splendid scholars, incredible pioneers, and capable craftsmen. These individuals have planned something noteworthy for leave their effect on the world. My most noteworthy motivation, be that as it may, doesn't originate from a widely acclaimed political figure; it originates from the heart and diligence of a 6-year-old kid. It is mid July, and most prospective secondary school sophomores are tanning at the sea shore and making the most of their days off from school. I am not one of these sun washing secondary school understudies; rather, I have dedicated the whole day and endless hours to ensuring this occasion runs faultlessly. Following a whole day of hitting the fairway and merriments, I am remaining at the platform giving out wager prizes to their fortunate beneficiaries. I watch out into the horde of golf players and see performers, legal counselors, specialists and planners, all a ssembled for one regular reason: Ryan. We will compose a custom exposition test on Propelled or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page He gazes toward me with his shimmering little eyes and grins, and I realize this is his method of expressing gratitude toward me for giving this day to helping his motivation. At that time, however, I understood something significant : he ought not be expressing gratitude toward me, I ought to say thanks to him. My cousin, Ryan, was determined to have Autism five years back. His conclusion started a prompt feeling of disarray over what the word â€Å"Autism† really implied, and what his future would mean as a result of it. Despite the fact that from the start I was too youthful to even consider understanding the importance behind the word, I currently realize what Autism has brought to my life. Ryan has demonstrated me a point of view toward the world that no one ever has previously, and the way that he isn't even ten years of age makes the excursion significantly increasingly amazing. Saying that Ryan buckles down is putting it mildly. His days are loaded up with long periods of school and treatment in which he attempts monstrously even to gain the littlest measure of ground. I attempt to put a smidgen of Ryan into my consistently life. At whatever point I am confronted with something that appears to be unimaginable, I consider him and how he is gaining ground each day notwithstanding the battles his issue causes upon him. The most astounding part is that he isn't even mindful of how hard he is functioning. I am certain that even the absolute best individuals on the planet don't fill in as hard as my cousin Ryan does. In the previous six years, I have discovered that constancy is vital so as to accomplish the entirety of my objectives, and that things that appear to be out of my range may not be so distant all things considered. Ryan has shown me another significant exercise: individuals ought not be decided for things that they can't control. As a secondary school understudy, I witness demonstrations of remorselessness against the individuals who are d istinctive every day. Ryan is a prime case of how individuals who might be distinctive are still similarly as commendable as every other person. Since his finding, I have quit making a decision about individuals and attempted to get others around me to do likewise. Ryan could never detest someone since he didn’t like the manner in which they looked or dressed. He invites all individuals into his life as long as they need him in theirs, and I value the way that I have figured out how to do likewise. Possibly Time Magazine ought to consider adding another name to their rundown.

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9 Small Press Books to Read in January 2017

9 Small Press Books to Read in January 2017 Im back, yall. I had to take a break last year to pass Calculus (gulp) so, I know, your small press book addiction suffered a little. Were going to fix that right meow. 1. Difficult Women by Roxane Gay (3 January 2017 from Grove Atlantic) YALL. DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE. Are you already buying this? You should be. 2. The Right Way To Be Crippled And Naked: The Fiction of Disability by Sheila Black, Michael Northen (10 January 2017 from Cinco Puntos Press) What does that word disabled mean anyway? Is there a right way to be crippled? This anthology showcases several stories from writers focusing on their own disabilities, their experiences, and the stereotypes around them. 3. Speak Gigantular by Irenosen Okojie (3 January 2017 from Jacaranda) A startling debut short story collection from one of Britains rising literary stars. These stories are captivating, erotic, enigmatic and disturbing. I wasnt 100% sure about this book until the cover art loaded, and then I made grabby hands at my computer screen. You get me, cover artistsget me to open my wallet, that is. 4. The Year of Needy Girls by Patricia A. Smith (3 January 2017 from Akashic Books) Two women in love finally decide to move in together and live openly. One, a teacher, is falsely accused of molesting a student; meanwhile, the murder of a young boy in town has changed everything, for the women, for the students, for the entire town. A witch hunt ensues. Im really digging the Kaylie Jones imprint from Akashic and look forward to reading this title. 5. The Crunk Feminist Collection, edited by Brittney C. Cooper, Susana M. Morris, and Robin M. Boylorn (10 January 2017 from The Feminist Press at CUNY) For the Crunk Feminist Collective, their academic day jobs were lacking in conversations they actually wanted to haveâ€"relevant, real conversations about how race and gender politics intersect with pop culture and current events. Now with an annual readership of nearly one million, their posts foster dialogue about activist methods, intersectionality, and sisterhood. Ive followed Brittney Cooper on Twitter for AWHILE and I love her. Theres an essay in this book called Clair Huxtable is Dead and I want to read that real bad. 6. Glaxo by Hernán Ronsino, translated by Samuel Rutter (17 January 2017 from Melville House) Spinning through a series of voices and timelines, Hernán Ronsino’s Glaxo reveals a chilling story of four boyhood friends who grow to become adults embroiled in illicit romances, government death squads, and, ultimately, murder. Immerse yourself in the Argentine pampas (lowlands) with this short but enthralling book. 7. At the Shore by Jim Campbell (10 January 2017 from Alternative Comics) A group of art students head to the shore, but something sinister is hiding beneath the incoming waves. At the Shore is a genre-mashed horror story told through fab comic art and also humor (because humor is rad). I wont say which genres because I dont want to spoil anything, but any horror fans should probably check it out. 8. The Borrowed by Chan Ho-Kei, translated by Jeremy Tiang (3 January 2017 from Grove Press, Black Cat) A crime novel from an award-winning author, The Borrowed follows a badass inspector, Kwan Chun-dok, and his career over 50 years of Hong Kong history. Along the way we meet Communist rioters, ultraviolent gangsters, stallholders at the city’s many covered markets, pop singers enmeshed in the high-stakes machinery of star-making, and a people always caught in the shifting balance of political power, whether in London or Beijingâ€"all coalescing into a dynamic portrait of this fascinating city. 9. A Toaster on Mars by Darrell Pitt (10 January 2017 from Text Publishing Company) Billed as a hilarious space adventure for fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, A Toaster on Mars follows an agent with the Planetary Bureau of Investigation who is having a terrible day. First he’s beaten up by a bunch of religious zealots, and then he’s assigned a robotâ€"sorry, cyborgâ€"as his new partner, right before his ex-wife calls to tell him his daughter has gone missing. His car keeps criticising his driving, and finally, to top things off, the world is held to ransom by his nemesis, evil genius Bartholomew Badde. Ouch. Feels bad, manbut has the potential for some good laughs, too. What small press titles have you read lately?

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Market Trends and Changes in Dell Computer - Free Essay Example

Market Trends and Changes in Dell Computers Kim Jones University of Phoenix ECO/365 Dr. Dominic F. Minadeo September 10, 2009 Market Trends and Changes in Dell Computer This paper will describe market trends that Dell Computer may face in the near future. Possible changes will be identified within the following areas; market structure, technology, government regulation, production, cost structure, price elasticity of demand, competitors, supply and demand. This paper will also touch on the impact that new companies may have on Dell. As plans are made for Dell, a monopolistic competition seems to remain the most practical marketing structure for them. Even with adding new products to their PC trend, Dell is still competing against other companies with similar products such as laptops, desktops, game systems and many other electronics allowing for the market structure to remain constant. Dell is starting to have a new take on technology as they work on future designs and thoughts. While traveling overseas, Michael Dell stated that he and his staff are exploring smaller-screen devices. â€Å"Speculation is, Dell is planning a smart-phone that would compete with Research in Motion’s (RIMM) BlackBerry, Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, and the various devices running software from Microsoft (MSFT), Nokia (NOK), or the Google (GOOG)-backed Open Handset Alliance† (Kharif, Olga, 2009). Another possibility that Dell is considering, if the smart-phone does not succeed, would be a mobile internet device, or MID. This device is larger than a smart-phone but lighter than the smallest notebook computer known as the netbooks. According to recent surveys of consumers, most would be in agreement to replace the smart-phone idea with the MID. In addition, after research was conducted on other cell-phone makers, a struggle is found to be going on in the smart-phone market regarding whether or not the smart-phone is even a successful possibility. Going green is a technology that has been going on for some time and will remain one of Michael Dell’s strongest passions. Dell is looking at introducing several new greener services in the near future that will help to assess complexity and simplify IT environments as it will keep Dell in compliance with the government environmental regulations. The first will be the â€Å"greenprint† which will help organizations identify inefficient process and develop ways of fixing them. â€Å"Dell is simplifying its client and data center infrastructure, and is also offering services that let organizations assess complexity in their IT environments† (McLaughlin, Kevin, 2007). Dell is also planning to sell PowerEdge servers with Solaris installed direct to customers. This device will be 23 percent more energy efficient than similar offerings from competitors. According to Dell, another service called Image Direct will let customers develop one’s own custom PC images and upload them to Dell to be installed on the machines they buy. Dell is hoping that these new services will not only create stronger customers relations but also will stay strong in helping to save the environment. Another future technology that Dell is introducing is the XFR E6400 Latitude. This laptop is geared toward military and construction uses, meets military specifications and can withstand being drenched with a fire hose. According to Dell spokesperson Patrick Burns, this laptop can endure the harshest of environments such as first responders, field service technicians and those who require systems that meet 13 military specifications including drop tests, sea fog, temperature extremes, thermal shock, explosive environments and many more. This new technology will be funded through a government stimulus package while targeting the military as they are now fighting wars. The XFR E6400 Latitude can be used by the military to assist in the live updates of satellite maps, enabling satellite-based telecommunications and troops using the laptop to chart incoming missile and artillery fire† (Miguel, Renay San, 2009). Dell is looking into new market trends such as price slashing to keep on top of the market. According to CBC News, Dell computer’s second-quar ter profit was whacked 23 percent as the personal-computer industry’s slump dragged on this summer. Revenue in the PC category came down nine percent to $2. 9 billion lthough the shipments of consumer PCs increased 17 percent over last year. To preserve market share, the PC makers have been slashing prices. This is yet another example of Dell’s price elasticity of demand. Even though the revenue dropped, Dell was still willing to be elastic with their prices in order to keep cliental motivated and interested in Dell products. In 2006, the Wall Street Journal attacked Dell Computers because of a bad quarter. There was a decline of 51 percent in earnings from the prior year and a 60 percent decline in stock prices from the year 2000. The journal was making accusations that Dell was falling behind other competitors worldwide. Michael Dell has an upbeat not so negative response, â€Å"Ten years ago, this was a $5 billion business; now it’s a $56-to-$57 billion business. We still hold the number-one market share in the small computer system industry† ([emailprotected], 2007). Dell is growing more rapid internationally such as 37 percent in China, 82 percent in India, 87 percent in Brazil and 78 percent in Mexico. Even in Japan, where there was little hope for success, Dell is the number one leading desktop market and number two overall in the Japanese market and building into the future. Dell also had many of their top executives snatched out from under them by a competitor just for Dell to come out with 60 percent of the profits of the industry and the competitor 40 percent. The company remains and continues to grow more profitable than the next three competitors combined and is also the largest provider of hardware maintenance services for computers in the United States. The competitor has tried to replicate Dell’s idea of the supply chain without achieving near the improvements that Dell has in their system. Not to say that the competitors have not achieved some level of improvement but if one was to look at the basic metrics, like return on capital or inventory management, they have not approached anywhere near the level that Dell does with its supply chain. To the competitor, the supply chain is about innovation and profits, but to Dell the chain is more about customer relationships and service with the customers. A few comparisons of customer preference through surveys showed that Dell was preferred above all other computer providers. In notebooks two competitors combined carried a preference of 12 percent, while Dell was preferred by 60 percent. Within large institutions and corporations, Dell was preferred by 56 percent in desktops and 53 percent in notebooks. The other two competitors combined carried only a 36 percent preference. These numbers are showing a strong preference towards Dell and a strong likelihood of repurchase in the future compared to the competitors. Since 2007, Dell has started opening up a new customer feedback website in order to better supply customers with what they are demanding; hence supply and demand. Dell is discovering that customers want pre-installed Open Office and pre-installed Linux green, energy efficient computers. â€Å"Customers are also demanding that Dell supply the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program in North America to help literacy programs and under-privileged kids by offering $100 laptops with subsidies and easy payment options like $9 a month for a year or $1 a month for 100 months† (Arrowsmith, Robert, 2007). As a need is demanded worldwide, Dell is looking for near future ways of producing more â€Å"green† computers and simultaneously supplying children all over the world with affordable classroom computers. The one negative impact that new companies entering the market could have on Dell would be that of printers. Dell has depended on the sales of Lexmark, Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Canon printers even though they do not benefit from the ink refill business. With new comers entering the market, Dell may have to create a printer design of their own to be able to stay on top of the market. Otherwise, Dell does not seem to be easily intimidated by new competition as they remain on top of excellent customer satisfaction and relationships. Going into a bight future of continued success, Dell is still striving to remain amongst the top PC providers as they explore new possibilities for the company. Dell is looking into new technologies such as the smart-phone, the mobile internet device and many new ways of keeping all products environmentally friendly. Dell’s prices remain elastic with the economy and the needs of the customer’s in order to supply the best product demanded at the most competitive price. Most believe that Dell will continue to prosper as they remain both customer friendly and environmentally friendly for many years to come. References Arrowsmith, Robert, February 22, 2007. One Laptop Per Child News. Might OLPC Inspire Dell to Open Source Laptops in USA? CBC News, August 31, 2009. Dell Profit Sinks 23 Percent in Slumping PC Market. https://www. industry. bnet. com/technology/news-analysis/dell-profit-sinks-23- slumping/9588 Kharif, Olga, March 25,2009. BusinessWeek-Telecommunications. A Dell Smartphone Would Face Big Hurdles. https://www. businessweek. com/technology/content/mar2009/tc20090324_741292. Htm [emailprotected], September 6, 2006. Michael Dell: Still Betting on the Future of Online Commerce and Supply Chain Efficiencies. https://knowledge. wharton. upenn. edu/article. cfm? articleid=1543 McLaughlin, Kevin, November 14, 2007. ChannelWeb. Michael Dell: Going Green is Key to Industry’s Future. https://www. crn. com/networking/203100337;jsessionid=F5WIS1RFNAC3DQE1G HPSKH4ATMY32JVN Miguel, Renay San, March 10,2009. TechNewsWorld. Personal Computers. Dell Rolls Out Laptop for the Hard-Hat Set. https://www. technewsworld. com/rsstory/66447. html? w/c=1252274516.